Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Cryptic Characters located? And is parking available nearby?

We are located at 7201 104 St NW Edmonton.
Our entrance is at the front of the building.
There is a customer parking lot along the side of our building, as well as street parking on Calgary Trail and on the side streets.

Can children play?

Yes…and no*.
Our policy is to allow up to 3 children per 1 Adult. Keep in mind that our puzzles are designed for adults and therefore may be difficult for children, more adults is always recommended.
*One of our rooms, Containment Breach Z, contains horror elements including realistic graphic content and we currently do not allow children 12 and under to play it.

Are the rooms scary?

Some of our rooms have scary themes, check room descriptions to pick the best one for you. *Also be aware that the ambiance of our rooms may have audio and visual design elements including: flickering lights, a soundscape, sudden sound effects

Are the hosts still in character?

Absolutely, while our cast of old characters have been retired, they have been replaced with all new kooky characters ready to immerse you in their worlds.

Can I book outside of “normal” Escape Room Hours?

We are happy to take bookings outside our typical hours. We would just need enough notice that we can arrange for staff to be there. Send us an email with details of your request and we will check our availability.

I have gift certificates for SmartyPantz, will they be accepted at Cryptic Characters?

Yes, we accept valid Gift Certificates, at monetary value, from the Edmonton location of SmartyPantz.
Please call or email us with the details, as our online system can not directly process the old codes.