We are currently in the process of testing our new room before our opening date. As part of this process, we are looking for interested outside participants to act as playtesters. Groups of playtesters would play one of our partially completed rooms, and then provide us with feedback, both through a formal survey and a more casual discussion.

Please note, while playtesters do get to have early access to our escape rooms free of charge, the experience may be incomplete, flawed, or otherwise not up to our usual standards of quality. Additionally, due to the nature of escape rooms, those who participate in playtesting will probably be unable to play the competed experience after we open.

Our first room to be ready to playtest is “Containment Breach Z”. This zombie apocalypse story is a semi-competitive experience designed for two teams of 3 to 6 players, for a total capacity of 6 to 12. One team will take the role of zombies and the other team will be a group of human scientists working on a cure. Playtesting would involve your two teams playing the room twice, switching sides in-between. Including the feedback at the end, the whole experience should take 2 and a half to 3 hours. Please note that this particular room features darkness, scary noises and gore. It is not recommended for children.

We anticipate that our second playtestable room, “Dungeon of Despair”, will be ready in the next month or so. Our final room of the year, “Starship Minerva”, will start testing in late spring or early summer.

If you are interested in playtesting, please fill out a survey here. We are only able to accept full groups at this time. Filling out the survey does not guarantee that you will be invited to participate; we will select groups based on several factors including group size, demographics and time availability. You may indicate interest in multiple rooms on the survey, but individuals will only be allowed to playtest one of the three rooms this season. Be advised that we have decided to continue to require masks and vaccine verification during playtesting, out of an abundance of caution.